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Carmilla - The Animation is being featured as a jury's choice for the Talent Programme at Animation Production Days, 6th - 9th May 2020!

Check out the full list of participating projects on the APDs website!

On a sadder note, APDs' parent fair FMX 2020 has been cancelled due to health and safety regulations concerning coronavirus. Regardless, the Animation Production Days are still scheduled to take place - in digital format.

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Greetings, Traveler!

The witch

Hi, I'm Val, and I am a motion graphics artist from Germany. 
From still artwork to explainer animations to 2D game assets and textures - my passion for animation spans a variety of fields, but mostly remains in the realm of the handdrawn.  

Holding degrees in Animation and Creative Leadership as well as a full vocational training in film production, I breathe ideas, concepts and everything that ties into turning them into moving images.

The craft

I create animated worlds and help others create their own. From concept to final animation, my goal is to breathe life into mere ideas and turn them into moving images that stay with the beholder as individual pieces of art.

Let's Make Magic

Looking for video concepts, illustrations or explainer animations? Or simply for someone to add that post-production spark to your project? 

aBOUT The Pixel Witch

There's a journey behind everything you see. Here's mine.

Want more?

Then take a peek into the Cauldron of Dark Pixels, my blog where I cover all the nerdy goodness that inspired my craft, from games to TV shows.